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Creative inks

Creative inks for drawing, painting, writing

Especially for artists, pen enthusiasts and the creative hobby, we develop our popular Octopus creative inks and colours at the highest level.


Technical inks

printer and industrial printing system inks and printheads

We develop our technical inks for printing systems such as those found in conventional inkjet printers and also in industrial printing systems.


Customised ink developments

Special inks development on customer request

Ink development and production: we develop inks on customer request, which are provided with the special properties you need.


Cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions for ink

When working with ink, often there is a need for cleaning. Therefore, in ink development, we develop the appropriate cleaners at the same time.


Ink Development and Ink Manufacturing

In our in-house laboratory, our chemists develop inkjet inks, solvent inks, stamp inks and other technical liquids. We create ink formulations that aim for perfect function and colour reproduction. The ink production of Octopus Fluids GmbH & Co KG is optimised to ensure that our inks meet the physical and chemical properties with consistent quality that meet the high demands of the numerous and special printing systems.

With Octopus Fluids, individual development orders from our customers should succeed just as flawlessly as special, industrial ink requirements for production processes. In their development work, our chemists take into account, for example, the special features of mass printing ("high volume printing"), as they occur in packaging printing as well as in franking and dating devices in labelling technology. Furthermore, the printing results are also optimised for "difficult", coated surfaces in terms of resistance to extreme temperature conditions and external weathering.

However, the real challenge for our development work begins much earlier. The demands on classic inkjet ink, as required for normal desktop printers, are already high. An essential quality feature is the exact colour reproduction on different types of paper. The print result must be impeccable on inexpensive copy paper, business letterhead and expensive photo paper, and that in black, cyan, magenta and yellow, as well as in the interplay of all colours.

With our many years of experience as a quality ink manufacturer and the extensive practical knowledge of our chemists, we can take on the development of inkjet and process inks for individual and industrial applications for you. Make your enquiry conveniently by telephone on +49 (0) 351 79689206 or by e-mail to

How do you get our products? You can easily order small quantities of our inks via our online shop. For larger purchase quantities or development enquiries, please contact us directly.

Ink development at Octopus

How are inks developed and what makes development so complicated? Get a brief insight into Octopus ink development here.


Our new Write & Draw Inks

The unique product range of 38 pigmented inks is suitable for a wide variety of writing and drawing techniques. The high-quality pigments ensure high light resistance and good ink flow. They dry water- and smudge-proof and are 100% vegan. They were specially developed for the fountain pen, but can also be applied with a pen, brush and other drawing tools. The inks even meet the requirements of a document-proof ink according to DN ISO 12757-2 & DIN ISO 14145-2.

For more information on Octopus Write & Draw Inks, click here.

UV Inkjet Inks and Photoresins

In this EU-funded project we are developing UV inks and photoresins. Both are to be optimised in terms of their adhesion properties so that they find optimal adhesion on different substrates depending on the reduction or increase of the adhesion promoters. In addition, we want to find out which additives have an influence on the consistency of the printed products in the cured state. In this way, we intend to produce inks and resins with different degrees of hardness and flexibility.

Learn more about our development project on UV-curable inks.



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