Inks for

3D-Printing (CJP)

Premium binder and cleaner for 3D printing or colourjet printing (CJP) with ZPrinter

The printing of 3D models has been an emerging process for years, which is now not only used in industry, but is also becoming increasingly common in the private sector. As an ink manufacturer, we have naturally dedicated ourselves to this topic and have dealt intensively with the colouring in 3D printing. Together with our customers, we developed our own product line, which was optimised for use in 3D printers such as ZPrinter, ZCorp and Visijet PXL, Projet. These printers are equipped with HP11 (C4810A) and HP57 (C 6657 AE) printheads and print the 3D models with polymer plaster.

The inks meet the special requirements for flow properties during printing. This had to be adapted in such a way that sufficient printhead cooling is ensured in order to achieve a longer service life for such a printhead. In addition, we attached particular importance to the most intensive, vivid colours possible, which, balanced and coordinated, lead to particularly lifelike 3D models.

Our research and development in this area is far from complete. We will continue to expand our product range in the future with new high-quality inks for further applications in 3D printing. In the following table you can see our currently available products:

Fluids art. no. Name Color
3D-H11-CLEAR Octopus Premium Binder for 3D ZPrinter clear
3D-H11-BK2 Octopus Premium Binder for 3D ZPrinter black
3D-H11-C Octopus Premium Binder for 3D ZPrinter blue
3D-H11-M Octopus Premium Binder for 3D ZPrinter magenta
3D-H11-Y Octopus Premium Binder for 3D ZPrinter yellow
3D-H11-CLEAN Octopus Reiniger, Octopus Cleaner for 3D ZPrinter clear


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