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ultimate colour brilliance and

Octopus sublimation inks: For creative DIY projects and professional applications

Discover a world of vibrant colour and limitless creativity with Octopus dye sublimation inks. Developed for professional printing applications and DIY projects alike, our dye sublimation inks offer unrivalled quality and performance.


Why choose Octopus sublimation inks?

  1. Brilliant colours: Our sublimation inks are characterised by an impressive intensity and depth that will make your designs shine.

  2. Reliable performance: With Octopus products, you can count on reliable, German-made quality. Unlike most dye sublimation inks available on the market from Asia, our inks are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards. This guarantees consistently high quality.

  3. Wide range of applications: Whether you want to print on textiles, mugs, mousepads or other substrates, Octopus dye-sublimation inks offer a wide range of possibilities.

  4. Outstanding durability: Our inks are not only vibrant, but also durable. Your prints will remain bright and sharp even after multiple washes or intensive use.

  5. Suitable for many printers: Octopus dye-sublimation inks are specially formulated for use with inkjet printers with piezo print heads, such as Epson and Brother, for optimal results.

  6. Environmentally friendly: Octopus is committed to environmentally conscious printing solutions. Our sublimation inks are formulated to be environmentally friendly and meet the highest standards for sustainability.

Discover the unlimited world of dye sublimation printing with Octopus.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, Octopus dye-sublimation inks allow you to freely express your creative ideas and inspire your customers, family and friends with vibrant, high-quality prints.

Order your Octopus sublimation inks today and experience the ultimate in colour brilliance and performance for your printing needs.

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