Stamping inks

not very exciting at first,
but then?

also when stamping we discover our penchant for
intense colour ...

Quality stamping inks for a wide range of applications

Octopus FluidsĀ® stamping inks are available with different properties and are used in different areas. In our laboratory in Dresden (Germany), our experts developed several product ranges that were adapted and optimised to the respective requirements. In addition to the stamp itself, the surface to be stamped is of course also a very important factor. In the production of our inks, we placed special emphasis on obtaining stamping inks for absorbent substrates such as paper on the one hand and for smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic or metal on the other.

As a result of this research and development, we now offer a wide range of stamping inks. Our water-based stamping inks without oil are particularly suitable for re-inking stamp pads such as those found in standard office stamps. They are available in various shades. For use on smooth surfaces, we have the "Lenizett" product range in our assortment. These solvent-based stamping inks are waterproof and adhere particularly well to non-absorbent surfaces. In the industrial sector, our so-called "dating inks" are in demand. These are used for stamping packaging with the best-before date and have special requirements, among other things, for drying time.

Whether for use with classic office stamps or for industrial stamping of best-before dates, you will find the right stamping ink with us. Find out more about our stamping inks:

Stamping inks for refilling ink pads

Stamping inks for stamp pads and stamp plates, developed and manufactured in Germany


Solvent-based stamping ink

Stamping inks for use on wood, foil, stone, metal, porcelain etc. in various colours


Stamping inks for marking packaging with "best before"

Stamping inks for different applications on smooth surfaces. Printing the best-before date on bottles, cups or beverage cartons.


Stamping inks for printing on styrofoam, polystyrene and EPS

Special stamping inks for printing on styrofoam, polystyrene and EPS, stamping inks for stamping or rolling up


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