Fine writing inks

Fountain pen inks are
good when they flow

they are better when they prescribe smoothly
and at the same time shade first class ...


Writing ink and fountain pen ink

Beautiful fountain pen ink - as an ink manufacturer, we naturally have a very special passion for it. So what could be more obvious than to develop our own writing ink for fountain pens, glass nibs and calligraphy nibs?

“What started out as a good product is now becoming a passion of mine.” That’s what our chemist Dr. Kai-Oliver Schäfer said when he was developing these high-quality writing inks. “It’s no longer about writing something beautiful – it’s about beauty itself!”

The parameters he used to assess the quality go beyond colour and saturation. With every lab-scale batch and every writing test, his requirements regarding pleasant shades, a low degree of fraying, optimum drying time, quick writing and smooth gliding increased and became an obsession.

Our colour range now includes 22 strong and bright colours as well as 6 delicate pastel shades, 6 luminous neon inks, 6 sheening inks and 9 document-proof writing inks. We are constantly developing our writing inks and new colours will expand our range.

[Translate to English:] Classic Schreibtinten von Octopus Fluids

Classic Collection

Classic writing inks for fountain pens in 22 vibrant colours with remarkable shading for a particularly beautiful typeface.


[Translate to English:] Pastell Füllertinte Octopus Fountain Pen Ink

Pastell Collection

Fountain pen inks in pastel colours are not only suitable for writing. With their soft colours, they are perfect for designing cards and bullet journals.


DIN ISO 12757 certified document fast fountain inks

Document inks for fountain pens

Octopus Fluids Document ink is a permanent and waterproof ink certified to ISO 12757 Part 2 for archival quality.


[Translate to English:] Octopus Sheen Tinten

Sheening fountain pen inks

Sheen inks are fascinating fountain pen inks with a two-colour effect, which varies depending on the viewing angle and the paper used.


 Neon Highlighter Inks

Neon Highlighter Inks

Unlike conventional inks, Octopus Fluids Highlighter inks are pigmented and UV-stable, so they retain their luminosity for a very long time.


Barock Tinten für Füllhalter

Barock Fountain Pen Inks

Barock was the successor company of the inventor of alizarin ink, August Leonhardi. Now the Barock fountain pen ink is back!


You can order our fountain pen inks online here. If you would like to resell our Octopus Fluids® writing inks or need larger quantities for your company, please call +49 (0) 351 7968925 or send an email to

Do you have your own ideas about writing inks and would like to have them developed? Then let us know and contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to develop your individual ink.

The colours may differ from the original in the screen display.