Development Projects

Octopus Fluids - Ink Development according to the current Industrial requirements

We not only develop inkjet inks for commercially available desktop printers. We are developing inks according to customer's requirements or to current progress in the industry.

One of the latest trends in modern industrial society, often referred to as Industry 4.0, is additive manufacturing. Computer-controlled machines assemble a component from small pieces. This is in contrast to traditional machine manufacturing processes, which are based more on material removal and are therefore subtractive, like hewing a statue from a block of marble. Examples of additive processes are 3D printers, of which many variants already exist and have reached mass production levels, industrial robots and also the traditional "flat" printing processes.

Additive manufacturing is the subject of many research projects at Octopus Fluids GmbH & Co. KG. In line with our company's specifics, the focus is on the development of new types of fluid media that are used as working materials in our customers' machines. For our future, we see the development of technical functions on a molecular level, within various fluids, as the core task of our chemists. Once the function is clear, the transfer of the research results into a formulation, suitable for the corresponding pressure system (piezo, thermo, CIJ, DOD, contact pressure etc.) leads to the next development step.

Below you can see some important development projects that we are currently working on or have worked on.

UV curing ink and Photo-Resins

Development project for UV-curing inkjet inks and 3D resin for SLA 3D printing within the context of ...


Inks for marking of press hardened parts

Development of ink formulations for heat-resistant marking of press hardened parts for deformation ...


Inkjet inks for printing on polycarbonate (PC)

Development of inkjet-capable inks for printing on polycarbonate surfaces. These inks should contain ...


White Inkjet Ink

Development of a white ink for piezo printhead. Pigmented ink with high opacity for various ...


Magnetic inks, paints and varnishes

Development project about liquid magnets (inks/colours) for inkjet and pad printing, the printable ...


Printed fuel cells

Development of inkjet inks with finest powders of precious metals, such as platinum, with the aim of ...


Printed electronics

Development of conductive inks for printed electronics such as RFID tags, electronics for the ...


Printer inks for Epson 104, EcoTank

Development of brilliant, perfectly colour-matched printer inks for Epson 104, EcoTank ET-2710, ...


Sublimation inks for digital printing

Development of sublimation inks or digital printing inks based on active dyes for textiles with ...