Printed fuel cells

Inkjet inks with finest powders of precious metals such as platinum

Development work since 2020

This topic is very similar to printed electronics - it is about printing metallic structures using the inkjet process. But in this case, it is about the catalytic properties of the printed structure. Fine powders of precious metals, especially platinum, and their alloys with base metals and oxides, catalyse chemical reactions. This catalysis is decisive for the economic efficiency of many processes. This also applies to fuel cell technology. Here, platinum is mainly used as the catalytically active electrode material. Because it is very expensive, the price of the fuel cell is mainly determined by the price of platinum. A saving of this metal is therefore urgently needed.

With the Zentrum für Brennstoffzellen-Technik (Centre for Fuel Cell Technology) in Duisburg, we have found a competent development partner in this field.