Write & Draw Inks

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Write & Draw Inks... the first of their kind

There are many writing and drawing inks. However, our Write & Draw Inks are different... very different...

Write & Draw Inks

Write & Draw Inks... the first of their kind

We already have a wide range of writing inks. However, our Write & Draw Inks are different... very different....

The special feature of the 38 colours of water-based Write & Draw writing and drawing inks is that they are pigmented. In addition, they dry waterproof and smudge-proof. The inks meet the requirements of a document-fast ink (DIN ISO 12757-2 & DIN ISO 14145-2) and are particularly lightfast thanks to their pigments. This is a really important aspect for artists, as dye-based fountain pen inks or paints fade quickly.

Moreover, they are our first inks whose ingredients are 100% vegan!

Requirements of our development partners:

Many of our inks and colours are created in collaboration with external development partners. The "vegan" requirement was an important criterion for one of these development partners, who showed interest in this range for use in his writing instruments. He then provided us with transparent fountain pens with expandable ink conductors and, parallel to our tests, intensively tested the writing and drawing inks for fountain pen functionality. The many suggestions of the writing instrument manufacturer were taken into account and fulfilled during development. Our Write & Draw Inks are the first pigmented inks that can be prescribed very well with fountain pens.

Development process:

The development was mainly carried out in fountain pens of the manufacturer Kaweco (nib F & M). We therefore particularly recommend its use in these fountain pens. Furthermore, many tests were made in Diplomat fountain pens. In addition, writing tests were carried out with glass and calligraphy nibs. A high application of ink on suitable paper is unproblematic and dries without fraying. Watercolour fans in particular will be pleased with the numerous ways of working with brushes. And those who are into calligraphy will love the wide range of colours.

The inks are also mostly highlighter resistant, depending on the highlighter and the application. The writing may smear slightly if applied several times. The colour can be intensified by applying several coats after drying.

Thinning with water is also possible, but is only recommended to a small extent and only for colouring (use with a brush). Diluting with water will impair the writing properties and water resistance.

Areas of application:

  • Writing
  • Drawing / Sketching
  • Handlettering
  • Colouring
  • Watercolour painting
  • Marking
  • Mixed media
  • Calligraphy
  • Etc.

Tools and equipment:

  • Brush
  • Calligraphy & Writing Nib
  • Glass pen
  • Fountain pen
  • Pump marker
  • Etc.

Colour range:

The colour palette comprises 38 shades: some very transparent and light pastel shades and some very colourful intensive colours, plus a deep black and an opaque white. Those who work with the colour wheel will notice that the Write & Draw spectrum, with intermediate shades, is arranged relatively evenly around it.

The black is particularly intense and was developed especially for sketching. Here, users can look forward to sharp and intensive contours or outlines of their drawings.
The colour white has some special features, especially in its application. Up to now, there have hardly been any white writing inks that are suitable for use in a fountain pen. However, beautiful effects can be achieved and accents can be set.

Our white has a very nice shading on black copy paper. The white can be used to write or draw on existing Write & Draw ink. When using the white ink, the fountain pen should be cleaned immediately after use. Otherwise the pigments will settle in the fountain pen and a strong colour application can no longer be guaranteed. 

When filling in the fountain pen, a few things should also be observed:

  • Shake the jar well before use and use an (adjustable/rotatable) ink converter.
  • Use for 2 to 3 hours without loss of intensity
  • Clean the fountain pen immediately after use

Cleaning and care:

The water resistance of the Write & Draw Inks is created with the help of a cross-linking binder, so we recommend cleaning the writing instrument directly afterwards. For drawing, we recommend a smooth, wipeable base under the painting surface, which can be cleaned with isopropanol/ethanol or our special cleaner after the work is done. The Write & Draw special cleaner is also vegan, so it rounds off the range perfectly! 

Art.no. Name Color
WD-BL-025 Write and Draw Ink 414 Blue Koi Blue
WD-BL-050 Write and Draw Ink 425 Blue Chameleon Blue
WD-BL-075 Write and Draw Ink 484 Blue Sloth Blue
WD-BL-100 Write and Draw Ink 456 Blue Lynx Blue
WD-BR-025 Write and Draw Ink 478 Brown Seahorse Brown
WD-BR-050 Write and Draw Ink 431 Brown Penguin Brown
WD-BR-075 Write and Draw Ink 480 Brown Colibri Brown
WD-GN-025 Write and Draw Ink 337 Green Tiger Green
WD-GN-050 Write and Draw Ink 374 Green Eagle Green
WD-GN-075 Write and Draw Ink 373 Green Panda Green
WD-GN-100 Write and Draw Ink 359 Green Ostrich Green
WD-GN-125 Write and Draw Ink 371 Green Crane Green
WD-GN-150 Write and Draw Ink 553 Green Squirrel Green
WD-GY-025 Write and Draw Ink 458 Grey Frog Grey
WD-GY-050 Write and Draw Ink 465 Grey Merkat Grey
WD-GY-075 Write and Draw Ink 289 Kangaroo Grey Grey
WD-GY-100 Write and Draw Ink 356 Grey Fox Grey
WD-OR-025 Write and Draw Ink 476 Orange Monkey Orange
WD-OR-050 Write and Draw Ink 455 Orange Skunk Orange
WD-OR-075 Write and Draw Ink 549 Orange Bunny Orange
WD-PR-050 Write and Draw Ink 419 Petrol Buffalo Petrol
WD-PR-075 Write and Draw Ink 467 Petrol Deer Petrol
WD-PR-100 Write and Draw Ink 420 Petrol Axolotl Petrol
WD-RT-025 Write and Draw Ink 388 Red Koala Red
WD-RT-050 Write and Draw Ink 450 Red Duck Red
WD-RT-075 Write and Draw Ink 409 Red Turtle Red
WD-VT-025 Write and Draw Ink 396 Pink Gazelle Pink
WD-VT-050 Write and Draw Ink 397 Pink Owl Pink
WD-VT-075 Write and Draw Ink 481 Pink Rhino Pink
WD-VT-100 Write and Draw Ink 457 Pink Alpaca Pink
WD-VT-125 Write and Draw Ink 479 Violet Raccoon Purple
WD-VT-150 Write and Draw Ink 401 Violet Bee Purple
WD-VT-175 Write and Draw Ink 403 Violet Lion Purple
WD-VT-200 Write and Draw Ink 410 Violet Giraffe Purple
WD-Y-025 Write and Draw Ink 380 Yellow Zebra Yellow
WD-Y-050 Write and Draw Ink 382 Yellow Wolf Yellow
WD-WH-025 Write and Draw Ink 441 White Polar Bear White
WD-BK-025 Write and Draw Ink 347 Black Elephant Black
WD-CLEAN04 Write and Draw Cleaner Clear