High Quality Inks

Made in Germany

Browse through our product range here. Our specially developed Octopus Fluids® quality inks meet the highest demands of our customers. For comprehensive product advice, please call +49 351 7968925 or email mail@octopus-fluids.de.

Industrial and process inks

Industrial and process inks are suitable for Thermal- and Piezo print heads of WOLKE, HSA Jet, ...


3D-Printing, Colorjet Printing (CJP)

Inks for 3D-Printing, Colorjet Printing (CJP), Binder, Cleaner and Infiltrates, high colour ...


Desktop Inkjet Inks

Inks for desktop printers and plotters, developed in Germany suitable for devices from manufacturers ...


Test Inks

Test Inks according to common national and international standards such as DIN EN ISO or American ...


Franking inks

Octopus Fluids® Franking Inks especially developed for Neopost, Hasler, Videojet, Bryce and others, ...


Recording ink

Octopus Fluids® recording inks for use on mechanical barographs and other recording devices. ...


Election ink

Election Ink of the highest quality, fast drying and indelible. Vote Ink developed and produced in ...


Stamping inks

Stamping inks for different applications on smooth surfaces, for re-inking stamp pads, printing ...


Writing ink and fountain pen ink

[Translate to English:] Octopus Fluids® Fountain Pen Writing inks for high demands on shading, ...


Write & Draw Inks

High-quality pigmented inks for writing, drawing, sketching, colouring and much more, sketching, ...


Alcohol Ink

Octopus Fluids Alcohol Ink, high quality alcohol ink developed and manufactured in Germany. Alcohol ...


Resin Ink

Octopus Fluids® Resin Inks for colouring epoxy resin, UV resin, acrylic resin and other casting ...


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