Cleaning solutions

for pens and printers

Ink cleaner for fountain pens

The fountain pen cleaning fluid removes even dried ink residues effortlessly and thoroughly, while being gentle on ink conductors, nibs and seals.
It is suitable for the gentle and thorough removal of residues from water-soluble and waterproof fountain pen inks, pigmented and partly document-proof inks, shimmer inks and sketch inks.

Use the cleaning fluid especially when changing colours in the fountain pen. Residues of the liquid do not have to be completely removed from the writing instrument or converter. It is very compatible with inks and will not significantly affect their writing properties except for the colour intensity.

Nozzle cleaner for print heads

The printhead cleaner is a gentle liquid that can be used instead of ink in the printing system. The nozzle cleaner is simply dripped onto the ink receptacle of the printhead or inserted into the hose system of the ink supply.
After application, there is no need to remove the cleaner or pump air into the print system. Instead, you can simply reinsert the ink cartridges and print the remaining printhead cleaner with a few test pages in the appropriate colours. This saves time and the print head does not have to work "dry" until ink has flowed in again.


Ultrasonic cleaning concentrate Ultrasonic

With our Octopus Ultrasonic Cleaner you can effectively clean printheads in an ultrasonic bath. Specially designed for cleaning inkjet printheads, this ultrasonic cleaner achieves results that differ significantly from universal ultrasonic cleaners in our cleaning tests.

Our Octopus Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic promotes the penetration of ultrasonic liquid into the smallest gaps of a print head. Because only where ultrasonic cleaner or ultrasonic liquid is present can cavitation take place through sound waves in the ultrasonic device.

Ultrasonic cleaning concentrate Amethyst

Our Octopus ultrasonic cleaner concentrate Amethyst has additional additives that have a gloss-enhancing effect. With it, you can effectively clean metals, jewellery and plastics that should show their shine after the cleaning process. Specially designed for cleaning jewellery, this ultrasonic cleaner achieves results that clearly differ from universal ultrasonic cleaners in our cleaning tests.

Like the ultrasonic cleaner "Ultrasonic", our Octopus ultrasonic cleaner "Amethyst" promotes the penetration of the ultrasonic liquid into the smallest interstices of a print head. Because only where ultrasonic cleaner or ultrasonic liquid is present can cavitation take place through sound waves in the ultrasonic device.



Isopropanol (IPA) is a highly concentrated alcohol. Use isopropanol (IPA) to dilute or dissolve paints, varnishes, waxes and oils.
Isopropanol can be used for cleaning and as a solvent for various organic substances. It is suitable for easy removal of stubborn soiling such as adhesive residues, adhesive coatings and as a grease solvent for very resistant grease.
Ideal for cleaning instruments such as brushes and files or for removing the sweat layer (after curing under UV light) during nail modelling. Isopropanol is also suitable for dissolving adhesive residues on shop windows, car paints, DuPont sheets and many other surfaces.


Isopropanol Spray

IPA spray is ideal for degreasing paintwork, as a label and adhesive remover, for de-icing windscreens, removing stains and much more. The spray head can be used to precisely remove dirt from sensitive technology such as mainboards, circuit boards, print heads and other electrical parts on PCs and printers. When used as an efficient electrical cleaner, IPA also makes it child's play to clean the printing plates of 3D printers and remove heat-conducting paste from GPUs and processors. The purity of the isopropanol is 99.9%.

Universally applicable, our spray can be used in a wide variety of everyday applications.


Label remover, adhesive remover

OCTOPUS Label Remover in the 200 ml spray can was developed to remove adhesive labels and adhesive residues from a wide variety of surfaces. After a short reaction time, paper labels can be easily and completely removed. The annoying and time-consuming scraping off of labels and adhesive residues is no longer necessary.

OCTOPUS Label Remover gets its powerful cleaning effect from natural orange oil extract. The added additives ensure optimum flow properties, which means that the label is penetrated quickly and the dissolving power is supported. Paper labels and stickers come off easily.

Compressed air spray, compressed gas spray

Our OCTOPUS Fluids Compressed Air Power Spray is specially designed for cleaning electrical components, e.g. in printers, cars or PCs, cameras, keyboards, mobile phones and hydraulic systems. As long-time professionals in the field of printing and ink production, precise and gentle cleaning of our technology is important to us.

With the accompanying spray tube, you can quickly and precisely remove dust and crumbs from hard-to-reach places like cracks, crevices and joints. It's a smart gadget that contributes to the cleanliness of your office workspace, equipment and home at the touch of a button.