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The development of ink dates back thousands of years to the time when people began using tools such as quill pens or brushes to write on papyrus, parchment or other materials. Over time, ink formulas and compositions have evolved to meet different needs and requirements.

One of the earliest known ink formulas dates back to ancient Egypt and was made from carbon black, gum arabic and water. Over the centuries, a wide variety of ink types were added, such as iron gall ink, which was widely used in the Middle Ages and was made from iron salts and gallic acid.

The industrial revolution in the 19th century produced synthetic dyes and pigments that expanded the colour range of inks and improved their properties. The introduction of ballpoint pens in the 1930s and the use of balls instead of nibs required a new type of ink that dried quickly and could write on different surfaces.

In recent decades, ink manufacturers have constantly developed their products to meet the demands of modern technologies. For example, inks for inkjet printers or inks for the production of printed circuit boards for the electronics industry were created. An important step was the invention of water-based inks, which are more environmentally friendly than solvent-based inks. In addition, ink manufacturers were able to provide inks with special properties. Examples include document-proof inks or inks that can write on special surfaces such as plastic or metal.

Ink development is an ongoing process driven by research and development of new materials and technologies as well as consumer and industry needs and requirements. In the future, ink development is expected to continue to focus on producing environmentally friendly and sustainable inks that meet the needs of modern applications.

As an ink manufacturer, we can develop inks specifically tailored to our customers' requirements and needs, for example inks for use in the food industry or for medical applications. For customers looking for environmentally friendly inks, Octopus can design formulations for inks based on water or renewable raw materials. Or even if adhesion to specific materials or surfaces, such as glass, foil or polystyrene, is important, whether printed or written, we can find a solution.

We also develop inks that have specific properties, such as colour-changing inks that change colour when exposed to a certain reagent, or thermochromic inks whose colours change when exposed to a certain temperature.

For customers looking for inks with specific properties, such as high opacity or particularly fast drying time, we also adapt our inks to meet these requirements.

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